Tailored Partnership Projects   Case Study
Historically software procurement has created an environment in which buyers are different from end users and each group has different priorities. Traditionally software is designed with a sale to the board of directors in mind resulting in solutions that are feature full aiming to satisfy the majority of customer requirements, (when did you last hear a salesman say "No sorry, it doesn't do that", rather than "I'm sure it's on our product roadmap"?) Vendors with the most feature rich products win the deal, but the end users lose due to the complexity of the solution and increasingly long gaps between product releases, as vendors cram all possible features into each version in the hope of matching future requirements.

Tailored Partnership Products challenge this cycle by working directly with end users to create solutions that measure success by use, not feature checklists. Greater user adoption means less training, and higher user satisfaction. Along with our partners we are delivering solutions and services designed and refined through use.

As a partnership there are mutual benefits for both companies. The future revenues generated by the product will be divided between the partnership companies.
  "Collaboration with metre2 has provided us with the ideal solution to our cost planning and bill production requirements. Satisfying our need for a single solution, for use on our full range of projects, regardless of size, complexity and contract value. "

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Roach Hunt Partnership

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