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The founders of metre2 have a successful record of providing software solutions to some of the major organisations within the construction industry of the UK and Ireland.

This experience has lead to the conclusion that construction software has for far too long been directed by a number of specialist organisations and individuals, who far from encouraging the use of software, have created an environment of specialism and mystery. This promotes inflated product value, leading to a conservative industry which relies primarily on the spreadsheet to be the main system provider.

metre2 reduces the mystique around systems by monitoring and utilising advances in technology, in order to provide construction applications that are similar in look and feel to the current applications used in other areas of daily life. Allying this technology with the day to day activities within the construction industry, and allowing data to flow appropriately between these activities, will reduce the knowledge gap between traditional industry processes.
 Innovators should have an understanding of one's customers and their problems.

They should feel free to challenge customers inputs and continually test vision against reality.
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