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These services provide for metre2 to develop a specific solution to the customer's requirements. This method follows the Agile Development model.

Discovery, Process and Scoping
We initiate a discovery process where the project is scoped, limits identified and initial user requirements are documented. The costs for the discovery process would be an agreed fixed fee, agreed beforehand. At the end of this exercise, all parties will review the findings and either agree to continue to development stage, postpone or halt the project as appropriate.

Resources and timescales for the development phase are calculated based on the information gathered from the discovery phase. Costs are shared between metre2 and the customer based on the level of Intellectual Property Rights available on completion and the commercial potential for the finished product.

We don't like to limit ourselves to a particular technology, instead we prefer to use the best technological fit for a particular solution. A lot of what we build however is using the Microsoft .NET platform in which we have established a large background of knowledge and experience, including a number of frameworks and tools to help build your personalised systems faster.
 The key to Agile Development is that change is beneficial, delivering what the customer wants in a dynamic business environment. Traditional Waterfall development methods tend to stifle change, forcing user's expectations to change to accommodate the product.
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